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Has it ever happened to you? You are ready to buy a lovely Silver ring in an online store,  and just before you proceed with the order, a doubt invades your mind.

You have seen a Silver ring that you love, you read its description, see the photos a dozen times, the price is just right. Furthermore, you decide that you want to buy it. But, suddenly you are unsure whether the size you have selected it's the correct one. So what ring size do you need?

You have an idea of ​​what your ring size is, but, you are not sure "what if the ring is too big or too small. Refunds may be messy or maybe not. Should be all right? Shouldn't it?”  Too much stress! 

Nowadays, jewellery is such an internationalized market that many jewellers sell jewels, including rings, that come from other countries, so the size of these rings do not necessarily coincide with the sizes in Spain, the UK, Germany, France or any other country.

There is always another possibility; you can buy an adjustable ring. I personally like them, some adjustable rings have very attractive finishes. There are adjustable rings in premium Sterling Silver with a variety of designs and finishes, including semi-precious stones and high-quality zirconia stones.

If you don't like adjustable rings, another option and may be the most reliable way for you to find out what your correct ring size is, it is by going to your local jewellery shop.

However, to buy a ring online, the best way to do it is by choosing the exact ring size before making the purchase, thus avoiding disappointments and returns.

In our online shop Fashion Calamar Gigante, the method we used to size rings, it's as we describe below.

In the table below, you can see the millimetres (mm) of the size to which each ring size corresponds to. Start by taking a ring that fits you well and with a ruler measure the inside diameter, then find the equivalence in the table following the millimetres indicated below the circle.

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